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Viavi Solutions Inc., Network and Service Enablement (NSE) products provide network and service enablement solutions. These solutions deliver the end-to-end visibility, intelligence and insight you need to manage the network.They enable the design, development, deployment and maintenance of communication equipment and networks.

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Observer VoIP Analyzer


Observerís VoIP monitoring and analysis tools ensure youíll have the knowledge necessary to handle your VoIP network from pre-deployment through daily maintenance.


VoIP Expert is designed to help manage, troubleshoot, and maintain VoIP traffic across your network. Regardless of whether you are interested in the big picture or in a specific conversation. Observer offers VoIP Trending statistics, Expert analysis, and reports for all levels of VoIP traffic.


Expert Observerís VoIP Analysis offers relevant actionable detail and diagnostics


  • Designed from the ground up, not a 3rd party product
  • Focuses on real, live traffic issues
  • Offers quick summaries for overall VoIP status
  • Drills-down to specific conversation detail for troubleshooting
  • Over 50 Expert events for immediate identification on quality issues
  • Call quality is measured in aggregate and individually
  • Predict VoIPís impact on your network
  • Obtain in-depth call metrics
  • Run QoS reports



VoIP Analysis Features Below - Click to expand


Let Observerís 50+ event- and threshold-based VoIP Experts immediately flag problems and offer solutions, for faster identification and resolution.


Observerís VoIP Analysis Features


Convenient and comprehensive at-a-glance summaries:


  • VoIP Traffic Summary
  • Call Summary
  • Voice Quality Scoring
  • Precedence (QoS)
  • Summary Graphs

VoIP Traffic Summary


VoIP Summary


Call Detail


Detailed views with in-depth Call Detail Records:

  • Addresses Status (Open, closed, fail)
  • Number of packets, packet bytes, packet loss
  • Start time, initial setup duration, duration
  • Current jitter, maximum jitter
  • MOS, R-factor QoS for each call
  • Number of packets that arrive out of order
  • Detailed analysis for packet loss and delay
  • Gap density, average gap duration

Call Detail Records


Call Detail


VoIP Expert


VoIP Expert Events with over 50 Expert items


Observer offers over 50 event-based and threshold-based VoIP Experts to immediately flag problems for faster problem resolution. Examples include:

  • Alarms for above or below active jitter rates
  • Lost packets
  • Alterations in the QoS stream

VoIP Expert


Connection Dynamics


Connection Dynamics


Drill down further with Observerís Connection Dynamics to view call bounce showing packet-by-packet commands and delays.


Compare VoIP to Network Performance


Compare VoIP to Network Performance


Could total network bandwidth affect jitter and delay? Observerís VoIP Expert charts jitter in each direction of a VoIP call and compares it to total bandwidth utilization. Use this information to determine if network load is affecting VoIP call quality.


Replay Voice and Video


Observer offers complete VoIP and video decodes, including H.323, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), MGCP, and SCCP (Cisco "skinny"). Reconstruct streams into a .WAV or .AVI file for replay.


Replay VoIP


Other Features


Other VoIP Expert Features:


VoIP Quality Scoring

Observer displays the individual Mean Opinion Score (MOS) and R-factor for every call and as an average for all calls. Quality scoring is conducted using the ITU E-Model. During VoIP Setup, you may customize the impairment factors of the E-model depending on your VoIP equipment and network characteristics. For example, VoIP quality on calls made from the factory floor over multiple hops may be scored differently to calls made within a small office setting.


VoIP Quality of Service

Observer’s VoIP Expert reports QoS levels by call, packet, and protocol. VoIP Expert also shows percentage of VoIP utilization as compared to the rest of network traffic allowing you to plan network upgrades. Sort TCP sub-protocols by the TCP Precedence bit—a mechanism for prioritizing traffic for applications like VoIP.


Observer supports QoS standards such as:

  • Default: RFC 1349, 1195, 1123, 791
  • OSPF V2: RFC 1248, 1247
  • DSCP: RFC 2474



With the Network Instruments Distributed Network Analysis (NI-DNA) architecture, all of Observer’s VoIP enhancements are automatically available across multiple topologies. For example, Observer’s VoIP Expert has the capability to monitor VoIP traffic even over wireless networks.




Observer’s VoIP Expert displays the statistical variance of packet arrival times, also known as jitter, measured in timestamp units or RTP time units.


VoIP Decodes


Observer offers complete decode of voice and video protocols, including H.323, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), MGCP, and SCCP (Cisco "skinny").

VoIP Conversation Graphs


The VoIP Expert displays H.323/SIP conversational data in three separate graphs. Each display is designed to help identify why a connection may be experiencing problems, or at what level of network load are H.323 conversations exhibiting acceptable quality behavior. Displays include jitter and lost packets (%) for each direction of the conversation, total RTP/RTCP bandwidth utilization, total utilization and each conversation's percentage of total utilization.


VoIP Trending Features Below - Click to expand


Obtain current and historical data and usage trends based on specific stations for VoIP. Understand VoIP performance and call quality scoring, across the company and by individual device. Obtain current and historical data and usage trends based on specific stations. Build your own reports displaying the statistics you want with Observer Apex.


VoIP Station General Statistics

VoIP Station General Statistics


View: Codec, VoIP Packets Total, VoIP Bytes Total, VoIP Bits/Sec Total, Jitter (ms) Average ,MOS, Audio Average, R-Factor Audio Average


VoIP Call Details by Minimum MOS

VoIP Station General Statistics


View: Audio PacketsAudio Bytes, Jitter Average, Jitter Minimum, Jitter Maximum, MOS Audio Average, MOS Audio Maximum, MOS Audio Minimum, VoIP Bytes Total, VoIP Packets Total


Top Station Pie Charts

Top Station Pie Charts


VoIP Station Average MOS and Jitter

Call Station Statistics


Worst 10 VoIP Station

Station Call Details


View: MOS Audio Average, Jitter (ms) Average, Jitter (ms) Maximum, Jitter (ms) Minimum, Burst % Average, Burst Density % Average, Burst Duration Average (seconds), Packets Lost % Average, Packets Out of Order


The Observer product line was originally developed by Network Instruments and was combined with JDSU products to create Viavi Solutions that deliver end to end visibility of the network.