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Viavi Solutions Inc., Network and Service Enablement (NSE) products provide network and service enablement solutions. These solutions deliver the end-to-end visibility, intelligence and insight you need to manage the network.They enable the design, development, deployment and maintenance of communication equipment and networks.

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Observer Probes


Whether your network stretches across the building or the globe, Observer Probe appliances cover your edge and remote network sites with advanced analysis technologies. They aggregate information across network sites near and far ó extending your reach without sacrificing monitoring integrity. The Observer line of software and hardware Probes monitors network activity across multiple topologies with robust intelligence and a menu of rich features. Use Probes for troubleshooting, collecting NetFlow data, proactive monitoring, long-term data collection, network forensics, and more.


As enterprise networks continue growing, Probes provide performance management support for multiple departments, locations, business functions and remote users. This robust remote monitoring solution when used with a console, gives IT managers and engineers the power to proactively monitor, troubleshoot, and respond to network problems from any location. Probes offer deep insights and 360 degrees of visibility into every element of an organizationís business-critical IT infrastructure. Choose software Probe options or from a variety of pre-configured rack mount systems for an easy, cost-effective way to monitor any part of the network.


Observer Platform Integration


Observer Probes are part of the Observer Performance Management Platform. They work with Analyzer consoles for analysis and Apex for high-level performance visibility.


  • Probes work with Analyzer to provide Distributed Analysis which includes: App Performance Analysis, App Transaction Analysis, comparison analysis, traffic flows, visibility into other environments, and more.
  • Paired with Analyzer, Probes also provide detailed information across multiple segments, multiple locations, and across heterogeneous environments.
  • Probes provide remote visibility when used with Apex, a data source for the high-level reporting environment. 
  • Drilldown from Apex into Probes provides root-cause analysis for problem resolution.


Observer Product Integration


Apex fully integrates high-level monitoring with detailed problem-solving capabilities on a single platform. Combine Apex with multiple Observer Analyzer, Observer GigaStor and Observer Infrastructure (OI) installations to gain long-term aggregated views of network activities and to correlate network, application and infrastructure performance.


Product Options


Observer Probes are available in a wide selection of hardware appliance, portable options, and dedicated retrospective network analysis (RNA) devices.


Observer Software Probes


Observer Software Probes support Ethernet, Gigabit, and wireless topologies. They're designed for analyzing speeds of up to low-utilization Gigabit networks via a SPAN/mirror port on a switch. Easy to install and configure.


Features include:

  • Decodes for Countless Protocols and Sub-Protocols
  • Real-Time Statistics
  • Long-Term Trending
  • Simultaneous Multi-Interface Monitoring
  • Remote Real-Time Access for Multiple Administrators
  • Supports Industry's Largest Capture Buffer
  • Remote Expert Analysis in Real-Time


Three levels of software probes are available:


Advanced Single Probe: Provides decodes, real-time statistics, and long-term trending. Network data is encrypted before transfer to the console, and probe access is password protected.


Advanced Multi-Probe: Provides all the functionality of the Single Probe, plus the ability to set up and monitor multiple interfaces concurrently. Also allows multiple administrators access for real-time collaboration from any remote location, and supports the industryís largest capture buffer.


Advanced Expert Probe: Includes all the functionality of the Multi-Probe, plus displays remote Expert Analysis in real time for faster troubleshooting. The Expert Probe conserves network bandwidth by analyzing all data locally and sending only results to the Observer console. This eliminates the need to transfer data packets over the wire.


Gigabit, 10 Gb Probes Appliances


Probes offer full-duplex, wire-speed capture and analysis on Gigabit and 10 Gb links. The Observer Performance Management Platform excels in Gigabit and 10 Gb monitoring because of its superior hardware technology built on the internally designed Gen2 capture card. The Gen2 guarantees full-duplex, wire-speed monitoring and analysis.


Comprehensive monitoring and analysis technologies include:

  • Real-Time Expert
  • UC
  • In-Depth Analytics
  • Aggregate Performance Monitoring


For high capacity retrospective network analysis (RNA) devices 1Gb, 10Gb and 40Gb, get information on GigaStor.


Observer Probe Appliances


Observer Ethernet Probe Appliances


Monitor 10/100/1000 network links by deploying Observer Probe appliances throughout the enterprise. Ethernet Probe appliances provide real-time Expert processing, in-depth analytics, and extensive decodes. They also connect to the Observer Apex for aggregate performance monitoring. Choose the 10/100/1000 Probe for monitoring one or two links.


10/100/1000 Probe Appliance is available in 5 hardware configurations:


  1. Single-Port Advanced Single Probeóa single session to view traffic on a single 10/100/1000 segment
  2. Single-Port Advanced Multi-Probeómultiple sessions by multiple users on a single 10/100/1000 segment
  3. Dual-Port Advanced Multi-Probeómultiple sessions by multiple users on two 10/100/1000 segments
  4. Single-Port Advanced Expert Probeómultiple sessions by multiple users, and real-time expert processing at the probe level on a single 10/100/1000 segment
  5. Dual-Port Advanced Expert Probeómultiple sessions by multiple users, and real-time expert processing at the probe level on two 10/100/1000 segments


The Observer product line was originally developed by Network Instruments and was combined with JDSU products to create Viavi Solutions that deliver end to end visibility of the network.