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Viavi Solutions Inc., Network and Service Enablement (NSE) products provide network and service enablement solutions. These solutions deliver the end-to-end visibility, intelligence and insight you need to manage the network.They enable the design, development, deployment and maintenance of communication equipment and networks.

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Observer Infrastructure


Using multiple strategic methods, OI easily quantifies thousands of critical metrics. Simply supply IP addresses and proper credentials and from that point forward, it's automatic and ongoing. No user input is required to get actionable information.


Sweeping Network Visibility


With Observer Infrastructure (OI) active discovery, the first step in comprehensive device health monitoring.


Use OI to obtain immediate and actionable information methods:

  • Spot degrading application health 
  • Detect VMs consuming excessive resources
  • Uncover imminent disk drive failures 
  • Capture cloud provider metrics 
  • Assess critical infrastructure instantly
  • Measure multi-tiered applications for health 
  • Validate router tables and software updates
  • Visualize IT resources architecture


With advanced intelligence, OI automatically initiates the active discovery process by detecting the presence of all devices. Depending on device response, OI polls the device to build a comprehensive profile of each system. All of this is accomplished in a few easy steps.


Once the process begins, OI automatically:

  • Discovers
  • Collects
  • Correlates
  • Reports all IT operations
  • Catalogs all monitored elements
  • Periodically validates metrics via ongoing polling


If there's a response failure or values materially change, OI sends an instant alert so you can take appropriate action. With OI, automatic or user-defined logical groupings provide straight-forward information that meets your specific needs. For instance, you can build reports for server support that call out host and virtualization details, while the application team views relevant metrics for layer 7 parameters.


Network teams rely on OI's deep analytic power into router status and critical route paths – crucial for SLA monitoring by capturing IP SLA, NBAR, and WAAS services. Unlike other resource monitoring solutions, OI isn't limited to Windows-based applications (WMI) and SNMP environments. OI accesses and integrates IT resources from diverse perspectives, including application response time based on well-known ports and synthetic transactions.


Using multiple strategic methods, OI easily quantifies thousands of critical metrics. Simply supply IP addresses and proper credentials and from that point forward, it's automatic and ongoing. No user input is required to get actionable information.


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Active Discovery


OI active discovery generates a map of any segment or group of systems on the network. The simple and effective interface provides a real-time, continuous visual grade of response times and health on all network assets and routes.

Map local and remote networks of any size:

  • Verify at a glance which devices are up or down
  • Prioritize device problems based on their business impact
  • Export device maps to Visio®
  • Monitor Routes
  • Track response for hops and routes between OI and any IP-based device
  • Establish route maps and be alerted to changes and delay
  • Record uptime/response time and route flapping for QoS and SLA verification

Active Discovery will find devices and services to monitor


SNMP, WMI, & WSD Monitoring

Monitor Device Services and resource utilization

Leverage Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), and Web Service Data (WSD), and configure custom reports and alarms on any statistic the device can provide.

Gather information on:

  • Active Directory Servers, Host Resources, Internet Information Servers, printers, router utilization, SQL servers and switch utilization
  • Monitor virtual servers and workstations
  • Set user-configurable alarms and thresholds
  • Graph and review statistics
  • Prioritize device problems based upon their impact on the business
  • Monitor IP address, port, and resource availability
  • Schedule weekly device inventories to track unauthorized or unknown hardware changes


WSD Application Visibility

Gather Web Service Data WSD

Web Service Data (WSD) functions similarly to SNMP and WMI, obtaining performance statistics from an application. Using WSD, OI retrieves performance metrics from VMware ESX Server and Cisco WAAS Central Manager. From these metrics, network managers can obtain utilization and resource consumption metrics for virtual devices, or assess the impact of Cisco WAN optimization on performance.


Leverage IP SLA and NBAR


Cisco's IP Service Level Agreements (IP SLA) and Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR) provide network-wide views of application and service delivery and performance. Use these technologies to improve traffic visibility on the network without deploying a single network probe.

  • Track performance between IP SLA-enabled devices and other remote devices
  • Monitor common IP SLA operations (for example, UDP echo, IPv6 traffic, TCP connect time, DNS lookups, and HTTP get and response)
  • Obtain detailed application metrics from Cisco routers and switches using NBAR
  • Actively simulate VoIP calls between IP SLA-enabled devices



Route and SLA Monitoring

Ensure route availability and consistency with OI. Upon installation, OI discovers routes and creates route maps. OI then uses this data to continually measure route performance and alert of route changes or route delay. Documenting these changing paths, known as route flapping, is essential for ensuring adequate response time and enforcing SLAs.

Device and Routing Response Time

Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic Monitoring Reports

Customize, view, expand, and compare reports for in-depth analysis on routes, devices, and groups. Track statistics over time for use in network trending and analysis.

Report types include:

  • Alarms
  • Business group statistics
  • Device events
  • Response time
  • Alarm log

OI can also keep track of and monitor changes in removable hard drives, installed software, and more. Run automatic inventories or take instant snapshots, and create alarms for specific WMI, SNMP, and WSD objects.

Event Notification

Event Notification

Be alerted when a device is unreachable or has poor response time. Choose alert mechanism, or set OI to launch a program or generate a trouble ticket.

Report types include:

  • View alarms by business group and/or route
  • Drill down for device status details
  • Graph and compare alarm data over time


Understand User Experience


A key component of the platform, Apex is the powerful reporting engine that unifies your performance monitoring solution. It not only works with OI, but also with the complete line of passive network and application management solutions like Observer Analyzer and the Observer GigaStor long-term packet capture device.

Observer Product Integration


The Observer product line was originally developed by Network Instruments and now is part of a broader solution that have been combined with JDSU products delivering end to end visibility of the network.