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Viavi Solutions Inc., Network and Service Enablement (NSE) products provide network and service enablement solutions. These solutions deliver the end-to-end visibility, intelligence and insight you need to manage the network.They enable the design, development, deployment and maintenance of communication equipment and networks.

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Observer GigaStor

The GigaStor network recorder provides massive data collection and unique time-based analysis that eliminate the need to recreate problems, rapidly decreasing resolution time.


Storing up to 1.15 PB of network data for days, weeks, or months, our network recorder eliminates finger-pointing between network and application teams by providing proof of what occurred.


Key Features


Time Navigation Interface: Simplify problem isolation with Observer GigaStor's unique time-based navigation system. Identify time of problem occurrence, and then navigate down to the nanosecond for quick and accurate root-cause identification. GigaStor also offers a big-picture view with a macro timeline graph for proactive management, showing related problems and spikes occurring before an incident so you can dig deeper to prevent reoccurrence.


Root-Cause Analysis: Sift through more than a petabyte of data, perform analysis, and find the problem through root-cause analysis Ė minimizing downtime and end-user impact. From an enterprise-wide view, you can track bandwidth utilization, network Top Talkers, application metrics, and even VoIP quality statistics. Have more than one GigaStor? Multi-GigaStor Analysis allows you to extract and combine data from numerous appliances into one console, providing a consolidated view of all GigaStor data.


Robust Data Protection: Super strong military-grade AES-256 data-at-rest encryption protects highly sensitive user data when held within GigaStor at 10 Gb line rate without degradation to packet capture and store performance. Integration with hardware security modules (HSM) enables GigaStor appliances to perform conversation-based decryption using SSL/TSL certificates while fully complying with PKCS #11 standards.


Precision Engineering: The Gen2 Card is exclusively built and engineered by Viavi Solutions. Designed to maximize performance on critical links, it guarantees the fastest real-time packet capture, largest buffers, and highest port density in the industry. See the 10 Gb speed test report by Tolly.Gen2 ensures accurate captures on fully-saturated networks, collects full-duplex wire speed capture statistics, and can monitor multiple gigabit links. It supports full-duplex gigabit, 10 Gb and 40 Gb.


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GigaStor Software Edition


Observer GigaStor Navigation


GSE is a software only product that can be installed on all currently supported versions of Windows. GSE is available in two license choices, one supporting a maximum of 250 GB of packet capture storage and a second offering a maximum of 1 TB of storage. With the exception of data-at-rest encryption, GSE offers identical integration within the Observer Platform and comparable functionality of any GigaStor appliance. Itís a perfect choice for deployment within virtualized server environments to gain visibility into east-west vswitch traffic. Also, ideal for installation on a laptop for go-anywhere back-in-time packet capture analytics for troubleshooting at the data center core to the network edge and beyond.


GigaStor Portable


Observer GigaStor Portable


GigaStor Portable is a custom designed platform built to allow for flexible application and network debug, especially where a dedicated probe is not optimal. Its light weight form factor makes it easy to quickly move around the data center or transport to a branch office.


Comes with 64 GB RAM (32 for operating system, 32 for Observer Analyzer), 4 TB or 8 TB (SATA) or 6 TB (SSD) arrays for data collection and can be configured to support 1Gb, 10 Gb and 40 Gb.


GigaStor Upgradeable


Observer Upgradable


The GigaStor Upgradeable supports up to 24 drives (in increments of four and eight) and is available with storage capacities ranging from 4 TB to 48 TB. It's offered in 2U and 5U form factors. The 2U is designed for network edge and branch locations, supporting from 4 TB to 16 TB of storage in four drive increments. The 5U chassis has the flexibility to support 16 TB to 48 TB of storage in eight drive increments, and is ideal for the data center, distribution layer, and server access layer. Systems can be upgraded in the field without removal from the rack. Includes redundant power supplies and a field replaceable operating system drive.


GigaStor Expandable


Observer Expanaable


GigaStor Expandable allows growing enterprises to deploy the optimal packet capture capabilities for their distinct environment. Nothing in the application performance monitoring arena matches the GigaStor Expandable for retrospective network analysis, scalability, or performance. The most adaptable GigaStor model, it supports the widest range of options, from 2 to 12 ports, and 48 TB or 96 TB of capacity per enclosure, scaling to more than a petabyte.


GigaStor 10 Gb Wire Speed


Observer 10 Gb Wire Speed

Want to grab every byte of traffic in your highest utilization core links, or virtualized server farm connections? This is your solution. Preconfigured to accomplish this one objective with two ports and either 144 or 288 TB of capacity, it's ready for your most demanding 10 Gb links right out of the box.


The GigaStor 10 Gb Wire Speed provides 144 or 288 TB of storage capacity via three- 5U enclosures. Includes redundant power supplies and a field replaceable operating system drive.


GigaStor 40 Gb


Observer 10 Gb Wire Speed

The GigaStor 40 Gb Solution provides 144 or 288 TB of storage capacity via three- 5U enclosures. Includes redundant power supplies and a field replaceable operating system drive. It is also available in a portable configuration.



The Observer product line was originally developed by Network Instruments and was combined with JDSU products to create Viavi Solutions that deliver end to end visibility of the network.