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Viavi Solutions Inc., Network and Service Enablement (NSE) products provide network and service enablement solutions. These solutions deliver the end-to-end visibility, intelligence and insight you need to manage the network.They enable the design, development, deployment and maintenance of communication equipment and networks.

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Observer Flow Monitor, Collector

Both Observer Analyzer and Observer Infrastructure support Flow Technolgy


Combine Observer and NetFlow for Cost-Effective Visibility


Gaining visibility across every port on a global network can be a large investment using probes alone. Partnering NetFlow or sFlow® technology with Observer is a cost-effective way to extend network visibility and perform in-depth packet analysis.


Configure Network Instruments Probes to aggregate metrics from up to 512 NetFlow devices into a centralized Observer console, allowing engineers to look for signs of problems and determine where to place additional monitoring resources. Then use probes for in-depth troubleshooting, long-term packet capture, or application analysis.


Use NetFlow and Observer analyzer to:

  • Perform root-cause analysis
  • Obtain complete infrastructure visibility
  • Resolve application performance issues
  • Maximize your infrastructure investment


How NetFlow Works

NetFlow is a Cisco-developed “push” technology found within many routers and switches that operates as a first-line diagnostic monitor by detecting abnormal activity as it occurs. NetFlow statistics are captured and processed by Layer 3 devices and sent periodically to designated collectors like the Observer analyzer. Because NetFlow is commonly included with enterprise infrastructure, no additional investment beyond the flow collector is needed to achieve enterprise-wide visibility.


Go from Tracking to Troubleshooting with Observer

Coupling Observer with NetFlow provides complete problem resolution. Use Observer Apex NetFlow views to review network health on NetFlow devices in aggregate. Next, look for any abnormalities or causes for concern. For example, does a device show an abnormal number of transactions? For greater detail, point our GigaStor appliance toward the device and begin troubleshooting. Observer connects to GigaStor to display application response time, conversation delay, and more. With this top-down, fully integrated view, you gain complete visibility and problem resolution.


Better Allocate Resources with NetFlow and Observer

For large organizations, Observer can collect data from up to 512 NetFlow devices per monitoring session. Use NetFlow data to first determine what area of your network needs attention. Next, assign a Network Instruments probe to that NetFlow device. This ensures you can obtain critical metrics like response time, application performance, and bandwidth utilization when you require it.


For smaller organizations with few NetFlow devices, the Network Instruments Probe collects real-time NetFlow statistics and trending data from any NetFlow device. Use NetFlow’s data to immediately resolve issues or switch to the Probe for in-depth analysis.


NetFlow and sFlow Statistics

By using Observer probes to aggregate flows from various NetFlow devices, the Observer console tracks the following NetFlow metrics:

  • Real-Time Statistics
  • Top Talkers
  • Pairs Matrix
  • VLAN Analysis
  • Application Awareness
  • Long-Term Trending


Feature Details Below - Click to expand

Real Time Statistics

Real Time Statistics

Over 30 real-time statistics available

  • Network summary
  • Bandwidth utilization
  • Internet Observer
  • Pair statistics
  • Protocol distribution
  • Network activity
  • VLAN Analysis


Top Talkers

Top Talkers

  • Understand bandwidth usage by device
  • Determine if a station is consuming too much bandwidth
  • View LAN use patterns
  • Make informed decisions about network segmentation
  • Review switch usage and resource allocation


Internet Observer

Internet Observer

  • Obtain specific Internet activity
  • Review individual Internet usage with Internet Patrol
  • Receive true Layer 3 IP addresses with IP Pairs Matrix
  • Use IP Subprotocols by Station to gain each users’ specific Internet usage by service


Network Trending and Reporting

Network Trending and Reporting

  • Collect trending data for Ethernet Internet VLANs WLANs
  • Gain insight into total network health over time
  • Collect and store network, Internet, and switch data for days, weeks, months, even years
  • View a single time period (i.e. day or month) or create period-to-period comparison reports
  • Obtain instant snapshots with Ready-Made Reports



Use Observer Infrastructure to monitor NetFlow Devices


The Observer Infrastructure (OI) flow monitoring is ideal for network and IT staff seeking to seamlessly incorporate flow-based data with existing infrastructure monitoring – like those acquired via polling of their native-based agents.


OI provides a more comprehensive perspective of your IT services. With its integrated functionality, you can now configure flow-enabled devices to transmit buckets of new data to OI so you have the advanced insights you need – right on your desktop.


The Observer Platform's innovative resource management solution provides wide-scale visibility into flow data. This includes flexible NetFlow, IPFIX, AppFlow, and Medianet Performance Monitoring. Plus, it also significantly enhances application delivery visibility and provides detailed breakouts of traffic type and usage patterns.


OI flow benefits:

  • Saves you the expense of costly add-on modules – OI Flow comes standard
  • Provides monitoring support of flow-based technologies, including NetFlow, IPFIX, AppFlow, and Medianet
  • Summarizes traffic at specific network locations
  • Delivers traffic behavior intelligence alongside device health
  • Leverages existing devices to gain insight into local and branch network health
  • Aggregates all flow metrics with other system metrics


Network and application teams can quickly see flow data traversing local or remote sites. Instead of searching for flow data in various silos, OI provides metrics throughout your IT environment and aggregates them with other infrastructure parameters for ease of use. This expedites issue prevention and optimizes delivery of services across your entire network.


The Observer product line was originally developed by Network Instruments and was combined with JDSU products to create Viavi Solutions that deliver end to end visibility of the network.