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Viavi Solutions Inc., Network and Service Enablement (NSE) products provide network and service enablement solutions. These solutions deliver the end-to-end visibility, intelligence and insight you need to manage the network.They enable the design, development, deployment and maintenance of communication equipment and networks.

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Expert Observer Analyzer

Expert Observer speeds network troubleshooting by proactively identifying network issues and offering immediate solutions. Pinpoint difficult problems through real-time or post-capture Expert analysis.


Expert Observer includes all the benefits of Standard Observer's features plus additional Expert features for identifying network issues and offering immediate solutions.


Expert Observer Benefits:

  • Solve problems quickly with over 550 real-time Experts
  • Predict network bandwidth and response time impacts
  • Track and solve application problems
  • View application session flows graphically
  • Reconstruct data packets Isolate transaction and conversation delay
  • Obtain instant expert explanation online for each event and item Grade LAN, WAN/Internet traffic differently
  • Track errors, events, slow response, and slow connections
  • Manage voice and video communication
  • Collect VoIP and Application trending statistics
  • Utilize WLAN Experts to solve WLAN problems
  • Multi-Probe capability (Multiple NIC's)
  • NetFlow collector


Observer goes beyond traditional Expert Explanations - It has very detailed analysis for Application Performance, Wireless and VoIP.


Expert Feature Details Below - Click to expand

Expert Analysis


Expert Help


The Observer Expert network analyzer contains a multitude of Expert Events to alert you to problems and help you quickly solve them. Expert Events work both in real time and post-capture, allowing you the function and flexibility to handle problems as they arise. Once an Expert alerts you to an issue, it offers likely causes and potential remedies.


Expert Summary Problem Analysis


Expert Summary


Shows error events in a single, concise display. For connection-orientated problems, a simple double-click drills down for further analysis. Expert problem identification is displayed for TCP/UDP/ICMP, Wireless, IPX/SPX, NetBIOS/NetBEUI, SQL and Frame Relay.




Major Protocol Events


Shows protocol-based and application-based problems in real-time. Local traffic is judged using different criteria than WAN/Internet traffic to help make certain no false readings are provided. All port-based services are tracked, slow response/no response and slow connect/no connect are flagged and sorted by severity. A generic TCP conditions expert tracks all port-based protocols for slow response or connection characteristics.


Connection Dynamics


Connection Dynamics


Provides a graphical view of system conversations. Packet-to-packet delay times are shown visually, allowing instant identification of long latency and response times. Retransmissions and lost packets are flagged in red for quick identification. Should a particular packet require further investigation, its decode is only a click away.


Time Interval Analysis


Time Interval Analysis


Any conversation can be displayed as a “drill-down” from any problem identified in the IP/TCP/UDP Experts. Time Interval Analysis shows network errors organized by time periods to identify whether a problem is sporadic or consistent throughout the day. This information is critical in determining if a problem is spread throughout a period of hours, or if it localized to a specific time span. Network utilization within the Interval Analysis is displayed to help match slow responses with heavy network load.


Server Analysis


Server Analysis


Displays a server's response times charted against the number of simultaneous requests asked of that server. Response times are charted for recorded request sets, and plotted for predicted response times as request loads increase.


“What If” Modeling


What If?


Starts with measurements based on actual client/server conversations, or peer-to-peer conversations and plots possible response time, utilization and packet flow scenarios. This allows you to predict network bandwidth and response-time impact for topology changes (e.g. 10MB to 100MB) or by changes in variables such as average packet size, send-to-receive packet ratio, latency, server load, number of users. This “live-modeling” lets you assess the impact of possible network or application changes.


MultiHop Analysis




MultiHop Analysis and capture feature offers time synchronization technology that can track conversations through multiple segments, hops, and routes and identify the delays between hops. Require a probe at each hop to capture all points of a conversation. This feature quantifies transaction time between PC and server using a Network Instruments exclusive method of synchronizing captures. Pinpoint bottlenecks within specific conversations or verify if 3rd party service providers are performing to their SLA. Helps isolate if slowdowns are due to network delay or system processes.




Observer Expert VoIP Call Analysis


VoIP Expert Details


  • Monitor connections to improve VoIP performance
  • Save or play voice conversations or streaming video
  • Offers relevant and actionable detail and diagnostics
  • High-level VoIP traffic summaries In-depth
  • Call Detail Records Over 50 event and threshold-based VoIP Experts
  • Displays the individual MOS and R-factor for every call
  • Customize impairment factors of the E-model depending on your needs
  • See reports on QoS by call, packet, and protocol
  • Understand VoIP utilization to plan upgrades
  • Sort TCP sub-protocols by precedence bit to help prioritize VoIP traffic
  • Review flow including call setup, duration, and teardown
  • Jump immediately to Connection Dynamics to understand direction and delay of every packet in the stream
  • Monitors VoIP across LAN, WAN, gigabit, and WLAN
  • Shows current and maximum jitter
  • Analyze H.323/SIP conversational data


Stream Reconstruction


Observer HTTP Stream Reconstruction

Capture traffic and recreate communications. Rebuild web pages (including images), and reconstruct e-mails, VoIP calls, documents, and IMs. Help maintain corporate Internet usage policies, assist law enforcement, and contribute toward Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.


Application Performance and Analysis


Application Analysis Details


Observer Expert’s application analysis boasts a depth and detail unique in the network analyzer space. Our solution helps you ensure application uptime—and business productivity—in a single network and application performance package.

With Application Analysis:

  • Monitor response time
  • Gather detailed performance metrics
  • Graphically pinpoint delay
  • Create and monitor device groups
  • Predict impact of new applications


The Observer product line was originally developed by Network Instruments and was combined with JDSU products to create Viavi Solutions that deliver end to end visibility of the network.