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Viavi Solutions Inc., Network and Service Enablement (NSE) products provide network and service enablement solutions. These solutions deliver the end-to-end visibility, intelligence and insight you need to manage the network.They enable the design, development, deployment and maintenance of communication equipment and networks.

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Observer Application Analysis


Observer's Application Analysis makes it easy to pinpoint transaction problems. Observer provides unique views of system conversations for instant identification of abnormal response times. For example, retransmissions and lost packets are flagged for quick identification.


Observers Application Analysis allows you to:

  • Monitor application response times and latency
  • Gain in-depth information for business-critical applications
  • Monitor server delay
  • Isolate transaction issues
  • Track multi-tier applications
  • Generate corporate-wide reports on application use


Understand application performance enterprise-wide or focus on specific locations with the Observer Apex. Our solutions also provide historical views to measure response time degradation and better plan for future updates.


Find problems caused by network congestion, fragmentation, and packet loss by isolating transaction problems, delay, and intermittent connectivity. Observer’s application performance tools provide insight into complex applications which may involve routers, switches, load balancers, and multiple servers. Its MultiHop Analysis tool answers the critical question, “Is it the access layer, the core, or my service provider?” by starting and automatically synchronizing simultaneous packet captures from different network segments.


Application Transaction Analysis goes beyond tracking response times to provide detailed application-specific performance metrics.


Application Analysis Feature Details Below - Click to expand

Event Pair Analysis


Decode and Analysis TCP Events


Highlighting any pair will display Expert Analysis in the "Expert Analysis" pane at the bottom of the display. Expert Analysis is offered for client, network and server.




Problem Status indicators:

  • Red-indicates a critical problem
  • Yellow-indicates a marginal problem
  • Green-indicates no problems.


Station pairs are evaluated and the server designated if it can be identified. response time, network delay are calculated from the monitoring probe. Retransmisions are quantified as well as noting other expert conditions.


Major Protocol Event Identification



There is Event analysis for all major protocols. Each shows protocol-based and application-based problems in real-time.


Event Analysis


Local traffic is judged using different criteria than WAN/Internet traffic to help make certain no false readings are provided. All port-based services are tracked, slow response/no response and slow connect/no connect are flagged and sorted by severity. A generic TCP conditions expert tracks all port-based protocols for slow response or connection characteristics.


Connection Dynamics


Connection Dynamics


Provides a graphical view of system conversations. Packet-to-packet delay times are shown visually, allowing instant identification of long latency and response times. Retransmissions and lost packets are flagged in red for quick identification. Should a particular packet require further investigation, its decode is only a click away.


Time Interval Analysis


Any conversation can be displayed as a “drill-down” from any problem identified in the IP/TCP/UDP Experts.

Time Interval Analysis

Time Interval Analysis shows network errors organized by time periods to identify whether a problem is sporadic or consistent throughout the day. This information is critical in determining if a problem is spread throughout a period of hours, or if it localized to a specific time span. Network utilization within the Interval Analysis is displayed to help match slow responses with heavy network load.

Server Analysis


Displays a server's response times charted against the number of simultaneous requests asked of that server. Response times are charted for recorded request sets, and plotted for predicted response times as request loads increase.


Average respons time per simultaneous requests


Stream Reconstruction


Become Your Network’s Forensic Expert with Stream Reconstruction


When troubleshooting application problems, it is often important to know what file was accessed, what spreadsheet sent, or what webpage viewed.


Stream Reconstruction


Observer’s Stream Reconstruction allows you to do exactly that, by capturing and recreating web pages, e-mails, and more, exactly as they were viewed.

Use Observer to recreate:

  • Web pages (including images)
  • E-mails
  • Documents
  • Instant messaging


End-to-End Analysis


Observer monitors point-to-point connections using the End-to-End Analysis feature. With it you can determine the exact time conversations between two network points occurred. Observer provides in-depth conversation information the exact network delay between the two points.


End to End Analysis


Application Transaction Analysis


Measuring and monitoring application response time is critical in today’s on-demand environment. Fortunately, Observer provides response time data for thousands of standard and user-defined applications.

Server latency, transaction issues, network delay—all of this impacts application availability. Observer provides detailed metrics that allow you to pinpoint the exact cause of bottlenecks or slowdowns—ensuring a faster time to resolution.


The Application Transaction Analysis window shows you the following about your applications and servers:

  • Application response time
  • Application errors
  • Total application requests
  • Network delay


Application Analysis


Application Transaction Analysis views


This view … Shows this…
Application Response Time Analysis Graphs of application response time, application errors, total application requests, and network delay. Using the scroll bars you can zoom in or out on the data.
Application Statistics Server statistics for each defined server, including packets, bytes, successful transactions, and more.
URL Tracking Statistics Server URL, average response time by server and URL, total requests, latest requests, requested packets and bytes, and more.
FIX Statistics Order type, average and maximum response time, total requests, and latest request time.



The Observer product line was originally developed by Network Instruments and was combined with JDSU products to create Viavi Solutions that deliver end to end visibility of the network.