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Candela Technologies LANforge Fire and ICE, are ideal for field or lab, and use a common GUI to provide both network traffic generation and WAN emulation.

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LANforge Ice Network Packet Impairments

Simulates WAN or LAN latencies - WAN Emulation


Features and Packet Impairments


  • Simulates different connection types (speeds) on each side of a WAN connection, T1, DSL, Cable, Wireless or Satellite.

Pass Through

  • Adds impairments as packets are received in one Ethernet interface and transmitted out the other interface.802.1Q VLANAble to bridge 802.1Q VLAN Interfaces.


  • Allows LANforge Ice to act like a router.


  • Emulates the smoothing buffer found on equipment used in Wide-Area-Networks. The buffers are implemented to smooth bursty traffic so that packets are not needlessly dropped.


  • The time it takes in mili-seconds for a packet of data to get from one designated point to another.


  • Simulates the variation in the time between packets arriving, caused by network congestion, timing drift, or route changes.


  • Simulates the disappearance of a packet that was transmitted or ought to have been transmitted. Packets can also be dropped in a burst or specifically every xth packet. Duplicate Simulates duplication occurs when one packet becomes two (or more) identical packets. Can also specify every xth packet.


  • Packets are moved out of order from their original sequence. This packet delay has an earlier packet being delayed greater than a subsequent packet. The subsequent packet will arrive before the earlier packet.

Bit Error

  • Inserts random or periodic errors in either the payload only or the complete packet. Supports packet corruptions, including bit-flips, bit-transposes and byte overwrites. Able to specify multiple corruptions.


  • Recalculates the IP, UDP, and TCP checksum for a packet after applying the corruption. This will allow the corrupted packet to be accepted by the stacks on the receiving machine as if the data were actually valid.