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Candela Technologies LANforge Fire and ICE, are ideal for field or lab, and use a common GUI to provide both network traffic generation and WAN emulation.

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LANforge Ice WAN Emulator


LANforge ICE: Feature Highlights

LANforge Netsmith: Virtual Network Builder

LANforge NetReplay & Backtrack Feature Highlights

LANforge ICEcap Network Probe


LANforge Fire Features


LANforge ICE: Feature Highlights


  • General purpose WAN and Network impairment emulator.
  • Able to simulate DS1, DS3, OC-3, OC-12, OC-24, OC-48, GigE, DSL, CableModem, Satellite links and other rate-limited networks, from 10bps up to 10 Gbps speeds (full duplex) and up to.1.6 million packets per second.
  • Can modify various network attributes including: network-speed, latency, jitter, packet-loss, packet-reordering, and packet-duplication.
  • Supports Packet corruptions, including bit-flips, bit-transposes and byte-overwrites.
  • Supports WanPath feature to allow configuration of specific behaviour between different IP subnets or MAC addresses using a single pair of physical interfaces.
  • Able to impair packets based on an arbitary filter that is created using the popular and the well documented tcpdump filter syntax.
  • Supports WAN emulation across virtual 802.1Q VLAN interfaces for more efficient use of valuable physical network interfaces.
  • Ethernet hardware bypass option allows LANforge to be deployed in networks with high availability requirements.
  • Supports routed and bridged mode for more flexibility in how your configure your network and LANforge-ICE. Virtual routers can be configured with the Netsmith tool. Supported routing protocols include: IPv4 static routing, IPv6 static routing, IPv4 OSPF, IPv6 OSPF, IPv4 Multicast routing (IGMP) and BGP. LANforge-ICE on Windows and Solaris supports only bridged mode currently.
  • Supports 'WAN-Playback' allowing one to capture the characteristics of a live WAN and later have LANforge-ICE emulate those captured characteristics. The playback file is in XML format, and can be easily created by hand or with scripts. The LANforge-ICEcap tool can be used to probe networks and automatically create the XML playback file.
  • Available configurations include all-in-one Netbooks, Laptops, silent appliances and rackmount systems for demo, desktop, benchtop and lab environments.
  • Allows packet sniffing and network protocol decoding with the integrated Wireshark protocol sniffer.
  • Comprehensive management information detailing all aspects of the LANforge system including processor card statistics, test cases, and ethernet port statistics.
  • GUI runs as Java application on Linux, Solaris and Microsoft Operating Systems (among others).
  • GUI can run remotely, even over low-bandwidth links to accommodate the needs of the users.
  • Central management application can manage multiple units, tests, and testers simultaneously.
  • Supports scriptable command line interface (telnet) which can be used to automate test scenarios. Perl libraries and example scripts are also provided!
  • Automatic discovery of LANforge processor cards simplifies maintenance of LANforge test equipment.
  • LANforge systems come pre-installed and configured with customer supplied network information.
  • LANforge-FIRE feature set may be combined with LANforge-ICE for more realistic testing.


LANforge Netsmith: Virtual Network Builder


Netsmith is a drag-and-drop virtual network builder. It can support virtual routers, emulated network links, bridges (switches), virtual and physical interfaces, and more. When using routers, it supports static routing for IPv4 and IPv6, OSPF routing for IPv4 and IPv6 and IPv4 multicast routing protocols. LANforge-FIRE stateful traffic generating connections and LANforge-ICE network emulations are easily placed in the virtual networks. The virtual routers can connect to external OSPF and multicast routers and static subnet routing for easy integration into your network.
  • Emulates networks of arbitrary complexity using real-world routing protocols by integrating with the XORP router daemon.
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6 static routing.
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6 OSPF routing.
  • Supports IPv4 multicast routing.
  • Supports ethernet bridges, including spanning tree protocol (STP).
  • The virtual interfaces are 'real', so you can configure them like normal network interfaces and use sniffers and other tools on the individual interfaces.
  • Virtual router interconnections can be associated with LANforge-ICE network emulations.
  • Interfaces can be associated with LANforge-FIRE stateful traffic generation connections.


LANforge NetReplay & Backtrack Feature Highlights


  • Using a combination of the LANforge-FIRE traffic generation and LANforge-ICE network emulation, LANforge supports capture and replay of ethernet packet streams.
  • Capture protocol can be converted to standard 'libpcap' format for use with other tools such as Ethereal and tcpdump.
  • Capture has been benchmarked at 1Gbps bi-directional on high-end hardware using 6TB RAID configuration.

LANforge ICEcap Network Probe Feature Highlights


  • The LANforge-ICEcap tool can probe a network and save the probed latency, packet loss and other values to an XML file that can be replayed by the LANforge-ICE WAN emulator. This allows for realistic WAN emulations based on real-world networks.
  • LANforge-ICEcap currently supports Linux and Windows.