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Candela Technologies LANforge Fire and ICE, are ideal for field or lab, and use a common GUI to provide both network traffic generation and WAN emulation.

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LANforge Fire

Network traffic on business networks includes multi-tier applications, user loads from the web, e-mail, web conferencing, streaming media and VoIP. Network devices such as switches or routers are called upon to support increasing traffic with a wide array of protocols, packet sizes, addresses, traffic patterns, VLAN segmentation and QOS.

LANforge Fire provides a test solution to generate traffic to validate that the devices will be able to perform when making configuration changes, adding users or applications.

  • Validates stability and data throughput on devices under evaluation.
  • Useful for testing any network - Ethernet, Wireless and VoIP
  • Cost effective solution for testing efforts requiring many data-generating ports or simulation of multiple mIP's and protocols.
  • Turn key solution. The LANforge systems can come pre-installed and configured to customer requirements.
  • Modular architecture allows you to leverage existing LANforge investment as your need for capacity increases.
  • Ease of use - Manage entire LANforge installation through one interface, from anywhere on the network.


LANforge Ice

A wide area network (WAN) subjects applications to network impairments such as congestion, latency or jitter. These connections such as T1, DSL or Wireless can impact an applications scalability, performance and service level compliance.

Some products use mathematical network models to predict performance, LANforge Ice simulates the actual connection allowing you to test during application development or before an application is deployed.

  • Reduces lab and training costs by replacing expensive WAN hardware, such as T1 and FrameRelay devices.
  • Automates testing with various scripting features and libraries.
  • Compact form factor and rack-mount chassis conserves valuable lab space.
  • Netbook, Laptop or network appliance form factor makes LANforge-ICE a friendly traveling companion, and a good option for trade shows , customer demos and shared work spaces.
  • Validates stability and functionality of devices and programs functioning across a wide variety of network conditions.
  • Very affordable, especially when compared to competitors.
  • Delivers advanced, remote, cross-platform, graphical management interface.
  • Implements a modular architecture that allows you to leverage your existing LANforge investment as your need for capacity increases.
  • Turn key solution. The LANforge systems come pre-installed and ready to run.
  • Ease of use - central management of entire LANforge system from anywhere on the network.