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Candela Technologies LANforge Fire and ICE, are ideal for field or lab, and use a common GUI to provide both network traffic generation and WAN emulation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can LANforge Fire, Wi-Fire and Ice be purchased as software?
Wi-Fire is sold as an appliance only as it requires a special NIC and drivers. Fire and Ice can be purchased as software or an appliance.

What type of hardware and operating system does LANforge require?
LANforge uses Industry standard PC hardware and can run on Windows and Linux.

How is LANforge Fire Licensed?
LANforge is licensed by ports of traffic generation and other features such as Virtual Interfaces, Armageddon and VoIP.

How is LANforge Ice Licensed?
WAN Emulation Products are licensed by the bps rate supported.

What is a typical configuration for LANforge Fire?
LANforge can be configured on a single appliance to both send and receive traffic which can be appropriate for Lab environments. It also can be installed locally and remote for Wide Area link testing. LANforge is very customizable and can be configured to customers requirements.

What is the highest bps rate supported by LANforge Fire?
LANforge Fire can support up to 20 Gbps bi-directional UDP Traffic.

Can LANforge Fire be used with LANforge Ice to emulate Wide Area Networks?
Yes, LANforge Ice can in many instances be configured on the same appliance as LANforge Fire.

Does LANforge Fire support testing for TOS or QOS?

Do you support Ipv4 and Ipv6 in LANforge Fire?
Yes, Stateful TCP/Ipv4 (980 Mbps+ bi-directional with 64K byte writes (1500 byte MTU) on GigE), Stateful TCP/IPv6 (980 Mbps+ bi-directional with 64K byte writes (1500 byte MTU)on GigE), UDP/Ipv4 (990 Mbps+ bi-directional with 64K byte PDUs (1500 byte MTU) on GigE), UDP/IPv6 (990 Mbps+ bi-directional with 64K byte PDUs (1500 byte MTU) on GigE).

What is the simplest configuration for LANforge Ice?
LANforge works as a bridge and adds network impairments as specified to the packets. It is ideal for testing Client/Server application performance.

What is the highest bps rate supported by LANforge Ice?
LANforge Ice can support up to 10Gbps bi-directional..

Can LANforge Ice be used to simulate a Wide Area Network with multiple locations?
LANforge Ice can be configured with many NIC ports, each port can represent a virtual router, and each virtual router can be linked to other virtual routers (WANlinks). Each WANlink can be configured for speed and the network impairments desired. Special versions have been configured for the gaming industry to test Internet games.

What are some of the network impairments LANforge Ice offers?
LANforge Ice can modify various network attributes including: network-speed, latency, jitter, packet-loss, packet reordering, and packet-duplication. It also supports packet corruptions, including bit-flips, bit-transposes and byte-overwrites.

What type of traffic can LANforge Wi-fire generate?

LANforge Wi-Fire can generate all the traffic types supproted by LANforge Fire. See Traffic Types

What 802.11 specifications can LANforge Fire support?

It supports a, b, ,g , and ac.