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East Coast Datacom, Inc.(ECD) was formed in 1994 to design, manufacture and support Data Communication and WAN Emulators. ECD manufactures one of the broadest lines of Network Latency Emulators or commonly referred as WAN Emulation in the network test equipment market.

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East Coast Datacom Product Overview

Products include WAN Emulators, IP Traffic Generators, Data Broadcast Units, Digital Sharing Devices, Interface Converters, Modem Eliminators, Serial Adapters for Async to Sync, Sync to IP Converters, FIFO Buffers and TDM Multiplexers for legacy networks.


All East Coast Datacom products are covered with a three year warranty.


WAN Emulation or Network Latency Simulators


East Coast Datacom manufactures one of the broadest line of Network Latency Emulators or commonly referred as WAN Emulation in the network test equipment market. They make WAN Emulators for Ethernet , WAN Emulators for Serial Data |and WAN Emulators for TELCO.


Modem and Port Sharing Devices


Modem Sharing Device or Digital Sharing Devices provide the network manager with a cost effective means of expanding existing, leased line polled networks without adding computer ports or communications links. Ideal for either synchronous or asynchronous network environments. Products for RS232, X.21 and V.35.


Sync2IP or sync to IP


The Sync2IP or sync to IP Converter is an interface conversion product that transports serial communications over an Ethernet LAN. It converts a full duplex synchronous or asynchronous serial data stream to a UDP/IP packet stream. The serial stream consists of transmit and receive data with selected control signals. Serial Data rates of 1200 bps to 64 Kbps for simultaneous two-port operation, and up to 128 Kbps for single-port operation are available to the user. Two or more Sync2IP units are required to transparently connect serial devices over the LAN. Data conversion is independent of the serial port protocol.



Data Broadcast Unit


Data Broadcast Units are designed for use in receive only data broadcast applications.  Examples of typical data broadcast applications are; Continuously updated public data displays and distribution of continuous data and clock signals to Terminals or receive only communication equipment.. East Coast makes many models to support the right input port and output ports for your application.


Stateful Traffic Generator


The Stateful Traffic Generator® model STG-10G is based on the well known network traffic generation engine D-ITG. The STG-10G is composed of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that wraps the D-ITG engine, INTEL® DPDK Fast Packet Technology and other test tools.