About Us

Traditional and Cloud based solutions

In 1992, Operative Software Products was founded, with a goal to provide products which aide those most involved in the operational aspects of computer systems. That is how the name Operative was chosen. At the time newly networked PC systems were beginning to require enterprise tools to support new system architectures.


Client/Server and shortly thereafter Web technologies had become mission critical systems, IT organizations needed sophisticated tools to test, troubleshoot, manage and monitor IT infrastructure, which now also includes the cloud.


Operative Software Products is now dedicated to offering quality network infrastructure hardware and software products to the IT community.


Our Network product solutions include specialty connectivity products including Network Aggregation and Filtering Switches, Data Monitoring Switches,Data Broadcast Units, Digital Sharing Devices, Interface Converters, Sync to IP Converters, and network TAP's (Test Access Point). Our network monitoring products include Network Packet Recorders, Network Analyzers and  Application Analyzers. Our Network Test product inclde Network Traffic Generators and WAN Emulators.


Our experts will help you select the right software and services for your needs.