APCON develops innovative, scalable technology solutions to enhance network monitoring, support IT traffic analysis, and streamline IT network management and security. APCON delivers state-of-the-art IT data aggregation, filtering, and network switching products, as well as leading-edge management software.

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APCON IntellaFlex 3000 XR

Network Aggregation and Filtering Switch that  includes a dedicated application processor


The IntellaFlex 3000 XR intelligent network monitoring switch is the next generation of APCON's traffic visibility technology. It is designed for scalable, high-capacity, reliable data aggregation and filtering, which increases tool efficiency and lowers enterprise monitoring costs. IntellaFlex 3000 XR leverages state-of-the-art monitoring technology and a 2.88TB switch fabric for complete network visibility and enterprise growth.

Designed for High Availability


3000 XR Chassis


IntellaFlex is designed for enterprise networks that demand high availability and system compatibility. Standard features include redundant and hot swappable controllers, power supplies, and fans. Software, blades and common equipment are compatible across all XR chassis, significantly simplifying operations, part sparing and investment protection.


Key Features


  • Up to 288 ports of non-blocking 1G/10G ports of aggregation, filtering, load balancing and other built-in monitoring features
  • Multi function features including deduplication, packet slicing, header removal and time stamping
  • Support of 1G, 10G and 40G Ethernet
  • High-density blades up to 36 ports
  • Fault tolerant – High-availability controllers with automatic failover
  • Independent data and control planes providing failsafe connections
  • Hot-swappable power supplies, blades, transceivers and controllers


High Capacity Blades


IntellaFlex blades provide the processing power and state-of-the-art technology to deliver on today’s monitoring requirements.


300 XR Blades

All packets are processed at line rate with any-to-any forwarding and performing packet manipulation. These include advanced monitoring services such as multiple levels of filtering, aggregation, port tagging, load balancing, deduplication, encapsulation stripping, packet slicing, and time stamping. This processing delivers the right information, to the right tool, at the right time, without any unintended packet loss.


IntellaFlex blades are hot swappable and can be used in all IntellaFlex 3000 XR chassis. All blades are supported by the WebXR graphical interface software on the controller for easy-to-use configuration and diagnostics, as well as TitanXR multi-switch software. They also support familiar CLI commands, SNMP and the front panel touch screen.

New IntellaStor II


IntellaStore II is a complete network visibility solution for midsize data centers and remote locations, combining APCON's world class IntellaFlex data monitoring switch with integrated traffic capture for analysis. Now network engineers can monitor data center networks plus analyze traffic and application performance all within a single solution, reducing costs and improving problem resolution.

Easy-to-Use Graphical Interface

IntellaFlex 3000 XR features an easy-to-use web-based graphical interface, simplifying any-to-any Ethernet connectivity and traffic conditioning with a few mouse clicks. In addition to a familiar CLI, a front panel touch screen is also included for on-site initial configuration or quick diagnostics.There are two Web interfaces offered WebXR to manage a single switch and and TitanXR for Enterprise monitorinhg of multiple switches and locations.

APCON easy to use graphical software

Key Benefits

  • Segment, share, control and optimize tool usage across centers and organizations reducing operational expense
  • Increase network monitoring  for complete traffic visibility and reduce time to repair
  • Reduce cabling and stacking to increase deployment effectiveness with a scalable platform specifically designed for large data centers
  • Secure remote access and control of traffic monitoring tools, increase operations efficiency and response time

Network TAPs


ApconTap simplifies network monitoring and security efforts by providing failsafe passive network taps designed to fit in the same data center rack near any APCON intelligent network monitoring switch. 


The IntellaTap blade simplifies network monitoring with on-board packet filtering, aggregation and routing to allow the customer to start small and scale network monitoring activity to meet growth.