APCON develops innovative, scalable technology solutions to enhance network monitoring, support IT traffic analysis, and streamline IT network management and security. APCON delivers state-of-the-art IT data aggregation, filtering, and network switching products, as well as leading-edge management software.

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Evaluation Hardware or Software

ApconTest Lab Switches

APCON "wire-once" switching solutions are ideal for test labs


Solutions for Test Lab Automation

  • Test configuratiion 1
  • Test configuratiion 2
  • Test configuratiion 3
  • Test configuratiion n


With APCON switching solutions, the manual rewiring of complicated configurations and the errors associated with it become a thing of the past. With just two clicks in the embedded web GUI, users can instantaneously configure connections between devices without touching a cable. For environments supporting automation via scripting, the IntellaPatch CLI enables users to control switch functions with common scripting languages.


Overall, APCON's intelligent switching solutions enable organizations to gain increased testing capacity – leading to more accurate and effective test results. This translates into the ability to achieve faster time to market with fewer resources and lower operational costs.


Test Lab Reconfiguration

  • Save Time & Reduce Errors with Electronic Reconfiguration
  • Reconfigure connections in seconds
  • Enable 24×7×365 automated testing
  • Complete testing more quickly
  • Accelerate product time to market

Cable Failure Simulation
Replicate “True Failures” for Redundancy & Failover Testing

  • Simulate real-world failures without physically disconnecting devices
  • Electronically break and re-connect links remotely via scripting
  • Program breaks and re-connects at scheduled times
  • Turn ports on/off in milliseconds
  • Reduce wear and tear on equipment


Test Bed Equipment Sharing
Share Equipment Across Multiple Test Labs

  • Eliminate redundant equipment dedicated to each test bed
  • Increase utilization by scheduling and sharing devices
  • Reduce equipment costs


Data Replication
Mirror Data to Multiple Network Tools

  • Share monitoring points
  • Eliminate SPAN port contention
  • Reduce the number of tools required
  • Evaluate tools without interrupting operations


Remote Device Access
Enable Remote Lab Testing 24×7×365

  • Enable distributed teams to test regardless of physical location
  • Enable night and weekend access via secure, remote connection
  • Saves time and increases test lab efficiency


Media Conversion and Distance Extension
Assures Signal Integrity & Media Compatibility

  • Creates efficiencies in test lab environment with mixed media installations
  • Conversion from copper to optical and single mode to multimode
  • No need to purchase external media converters
  • Regenerates signals at full strength with zero insertion loss